About Us

Welcome to Robert's Club

We offer exquisitely crafted clothes, numbered and limited to runs of 100 per garment, ranging from hand-embroidered shirts and stunning jackets, to the finest outerwear, all of which will only be available to members.

As a member, you gain access to a world of continually updated collections curated by myself and my team to meet your personal preferences. Our clothing, only available through this online store, is of the highest quality and distinction, delivered effortlessly to your doorstep at the tap of a button. You’ll receive suggestions on your wardrobe, advice on fittings, and have the opportunity to attend fabulous events hosted by me and my business partner Thomas Main. Thomas was my lead designer for more than a decade at Robert Graham, which I founded in 2001, and where I stepped down only recently.

Given ongoing shifts in the global fashion industry, we wanted this opportunity to offer something different through an exclusive community, transforming expectations of how client and designer communicate.

Our work will be driven by three core design concepts to meet your needs.

The here and nowMan of the Moment
Remaining at the head of emerging trends, exceeding member expectations and keeping competition on its toes.

Boys will be boysMan at Play
A straightforward statement on “boys and their toys” (i.e., sport cars, boats, jets, fine cigars-scotch-wine), with a touch of understated humor.

Dressed for the occasionMan on the Town
Equally at home at both dinner down the street or a gala in the capital, redefining “out for the night.”

We invite you to Dress Without Limits.